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Here We Are

Mission Statement

Invisible City Productions is a group of collaborating artists, writers, zine editors and game designers who are dedicated to creating, promoting and distributing alternatives to the products and activities designated as "entertainments" by a monolithic cultural empire.

The alternatives we envision take many forms: anything from self-produced magazines to a new version of tag. We are particularly interested in products and activities that embody the following principles: play, collaboration, creativity, inventiveness, intelligence and an expansion of the possible.

It is our belief that people--all people--are inherently creative, and that, too frequently, the process of being "entertained" requires people to relinquish their natural talents, replacing them with passivity and a sense that having fun requires spending money. We are dedicated towards reversing this process.

We find that this goal is shared by a wide range of countercultural groups, everything from punks to the Society for Creative Anachronism. We take an immense interest in any network that allows these groups to communicate with one another, and we hope, in the upcoming weeks and months, to use this site as a space that aids those networks, and people attempting to construct them. We hope to create an Invisible City, one organized according to a different set of principles.

Appearing in alphabetical order, we are Jeremy P. Bushnell, Sharon J. Cichelli, and Jonathan A. Leistiko.

Contacting Us


8054 Exchange Drive
Austin, TX 78754

Jonathan A. Leistiko
Games Advocate

bio :: e-mail

Sharon J. Cichelli
Vice President
Editorial Director

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2121 N. California Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

Jeremy P. Bushnell
Art Director

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Zines intended for review should be sent to the Chicago offices. Both offices can be reached by fax at (501) 423-8950.

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We are:
Jeremy P. Bushnell

Sharon J. Cichelli
Jonathan A. Leistiko

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