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Jeremy P. Bushnell



Writing & Projects

Imaginary Year
An experiment in serialized fiction, documenting the lives of a group of fictional Chicagoans in real time. Now in its fifth year. I update this story just about every Monday and Friday. An introduction to the work can be read here.

My personal weblog, containing notes on books, experimental music, poetics, comics, and whatever else I feel like writing about. Updated more-or-less daily. LiveJournal users might prefer the LiveJournal mirror, here.

A record label, focusing on limited-edition releases of drone, noise, electroacoustic, and psychedelic music. Home of the transcendent drone collective Number None, of which I am a member. Our most recent album is Urmerica.

A weblog dedicated to experimental music. I contribute to this along with Rebis cohort Chris M.

Invisible Broadcast System
The weblog of Invisible City Productions. I contribute to this along with Jon and Sharon.

Invisible City Zines District
Zine reviews I wrote for Invisible City Productions, the independent media collective of which I am a co-founder. If you don't know what zines are, read this.

Bombing Starbucks
My Master's thesis. A novel about art, activism, the Internet, major labels, Barnes and Noble, the viability of violent action as a method of facilitating social change, virtual reality, selling out, shopping malls, diners, Nike, corporate coffee, and how to change the world. It's also a love story.

Leftovers. For completists only.


Other Things

The Superfun Portal of Mystery
Sites on the web that I look at regularly.

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Contact Info

email: jeremy AT invisible-city.com

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